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Why Advisors Must Be Specialists, Not Generalists

When individuals enter into financial services, they are encouraged to focus on friends and family to achieve early success. These broad circles represent different life stages, professions, economic levels and interests. Unfortunately, advisors may never deviate from this general strategy and will continue to accept anybody who pays for their services.

Advisors who remain entrenched in this prospecting style will find themselves quickly overwhelmed. Through the years, it will become progressively harder to achieve the organic growth necessary to raise firm value. Clients may also question what makes their advisor worth the fees they are paying. Advisors can eventually burn out from the effort needed to do the best possible job for such a variety of clients.

6 Reasons to Specialize

Yet financial advisors who soar to the top of the industry are those who find a niche that allows them to provide exceptional service with passion. Here are six reasons advisors should steer their practices to a well-defined niche:

  • Expertise.
  • Referrals.
  • Retention.
  • Reduced liability.
  • Enriched environment.
  • Event enjoyment.

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