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Advisors: Turn New Year’s Goals Into Achievements

How intentional financial advisors are about following up on their New Year‘s resolutions can determine whether they’re part of the 19% who report success in fulfilling their resolutions or the 81% who wistfully let the year pass without progress.

That data from a University of Scranton study and other research indicate that the New Year’s pledge of self-improvement does not usually survive the first month.

Pre-pandemic, gyms were overflowing in early January, but you had to wait just two weeks before the crowds at your favorite workout studio dwindled to a manageable level. Ads for diet plans and smoking cessation also noticeably decline after the year’s first blush. Strava, a social network site for athletes, says Quitter’s Day for resolutions is about 14 days out, making this Friday the pivotal day.

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